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Random files - Cathy and John's Gallery
Outside of Selfridges in B_ham April 2005.jpg
Selfridges Birmingham April 2005114 viewsThe outside of the dept store Selfridges in Birmingham, this photo was taken in the Starbucks in Borders April 2005
Poinsettia outside unit opposite Mum_s unit in Cooranbong July 2005a.jpg
Poinsettia2392 viewsA pretty poinsettia bush outside a unit opposite Mum's unit
Poinsettia outside unit opposite Mum_s unit in Cooranbong July 2005.jpg
Close up of poinsettia368 viewsA close up of the same poinsettia bush
Gennie on the Bed182 views
Patio at Jen_s place April 2005.jpg
Jen's patio102 viewsView of Jen & Andrew's patio with Ash and Genny dog April 2005
Cockies feeding on park.jpg
Cockies Feeding116 viewsWe see many sights when we walk Bonnie, this was two cockies feeding on Linear Park (where we walk Bonnie). No she did not chase them although she would probably have liked to.

Last additions - Cathy and John's Gallery
Frosty Morning1219 viewsSee we do get cold frosty mornings here in Adelaide, this photo was taken in June 2007Aug 17, 2007
Bonnie waiting patiently for a taste1139 viewsBonnie looks on with longing for a taste of what John is eatingAug 17, 2007
Bonnie waiting patiently hoping for a taste of what John is eating1050 viewsBonnie waits patiently and with mournful eyes in ah hope she will get a taste of what we are eating, here John eats home made lasagne and Bonnie just waitsAug 17, 2007
Bonnie getting every little scrap from the plate664 viewsSee if I wait long enough then I get rewarded yumAug 17, 2007
Bonnie - ah the reward if I wait long enough632 viewsBonnie waits very patiently to see if she can get a taste of what we have eaten. She just loves human food.Aug 17, 2007
I just love licking dishes731 viewsBonnie will lick any dish if we let her, even getting into the dishwasher to make sure she does not miss out on any little tidbitAug 17, 2007
Bonnie984 viewsBonnie showing her bandaged paw after losing a claw on a walk. She was rather sooky with the bucket on her head, but it stopped her chewing on the bandage.Aug 17, 2007
Bonnie951 viewsBonnie wearing her "bucket" to stop her chewing her bandaged paw, after losing a claw on a walk - ouchAug 17, 2007