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Fig Tree - Whitecroft135 viewsWe have what the gardeners call a "micro climate" at Whitecroft. It's near the boiler, and just beneath the exhaust fan from the kitchen. The fig tree loves it. Okay, it's not the sunshine of Turkey or Greece, but you take what warmth you can get here in sunny Worcestershire.
English Palm Tree69 viewsThis palm tree is growing outside our lounge window. Photographed on a warm summer afternoon, June 26 2005 -- Marjorie's birthday.
Marjorie Reading the Sunday Papers71 viewsMarjorie's Birthday, June 26 2005. Wonderful warm, sunny day. Perfect for the Sunday newspapers --- and running the Rain Train sprinkler.
Whitecroft Garden with Sprinkler63 views
Marjorie on her Birthday76 viewsA nice warm summer afternoon, Whitecroft, June 26 2005
Large Lady, Small Car106 viewsMarjorie and I were having a won ton min at Wing Yip in Birmingham when this large lady came out of another oriental restaurant. To my amusement she went right to this small red car and hopped in.
Whitecroft Garden Fountain67 views
Whitecroft Checker Board113 viewsThe awning at the front of Whitecroft casts a funny linear pattern on the house.
Whitecroft from the Lower Garden91 viewsA warm summer afternoon -- Wimbledon finals. Marjorie came out from watching TV long enough to play with the visiting Labradors and the garden hose.
The Duck Weed Pond103 viewsBehind all the overgrown grass is the duck weed pond where Kiko likes to throw his ball. We're working on removing the overgrown plants, and getting the fountain (which you can't see anyway) to work again.
Whitecroft Garden Fountain81 viewsVic, Andy, and crew just installed a new pump, filter system, and and some underwater lights. The water is much cleaner, and there's no blanket weed (yet). I love the sound of the water in the metal trays of the fountain -- a bit like a wind chime.
Stormy Monet78 viewsNormally the Monet water lilies are in peaceful water. This looks quite stormy: it's actually the water from our fountain.
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