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Marjorie Playing Catch With the Doggies73 viewsEnjoying some long-awaited sunshine in the front garden at Whitecroft, late January 2006.
Majorie Walking the Doggie Guests49 viewsWe all enjoyed a bit of sunshine -- late January 2006 -- in the front garden of Whitecroft.
Marjorie in the Garden63 views
Marjorie in the Garden61 viewsPlaying catch with the doggie guests. She's smiling because it's a rare sunny day, in late January 2006.
Marjorie Being Reflective78 viewsFinally a sunny day -- Whitecroft, late January 2006
Marjorie in the Pig Field91 viewsCrossing the mud, with the wild boar visible over Marjorie's left shoulder.
Marjorie Crossing the Dam798 viewsHaving crossed the narrow dam to get a dog ball from the other side of the small "canal."1 comments
Saturday Morning Breakfast - Home Made Pancakes with Worms244 viewsOne of our week-end treats is to have pancakes with "real" (i.e. fake) maple syrup. Marjorie cooked up a batch on Saturday. They looked good, but my first bite felt, er, "crunchy." I looked down on my plate and saw this little critter. Where had it come from?! A further search yielded a veritable collection of moths which we seem to have imported in some dates or nuts from Dubai. Yum, yum. We had toast and spring cleaned the cupboard!!
Marjorie in her Hoodie113 viewsWaiting for our lunch in a pub just off the M5, on our way to Taunton to pick up a knitting machine.
Spring is Coming57 viewsMarjorie's photo of the yellow crocus pushing their way up through the autumn leaves. Is spring finally coming?
Marjorie and Her Latte97 views
Snow Drops in the Whitecroft Garden65 viewsEnd of Feburary 2006
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