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Chris and Chris Wilesmith at a Dinner Party116 viewsA black tie dinner party at Whitecroft.
Marjorie with Auntie Jean175 viewsSunday Lunch at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay.
The Lawn Contractor102 viewsWe hired a landscape architect to re-do the lawn at Whitecroft. They selected the lowest bidder, and this is what they did to our lawn. Our legal insurance company (Sun Alliance) sued their professional indemnity insurance carrier (you guessed it -- Sun Alliance). Ultimately, we were paid to have the lawn done again.
Marjorie and the Two Chrisses183 viewsOn our balcony at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay.
Whitecroft and the Lawn-to-Be, First Attempt104 viewsPutting in the land drains. But the contractor removed all of the topsoil, so the clay just drowned the turf when it rained.
Marjorie and Me at Whitecroft232 viewsAt a black tie dinner party -- looks like Easter time.
Eileen and Roger Wilson165 viewsAt a black tie dinner party at Whitecroft.
New Whitecroft Lawn and Daffodils123 viewsThe lawn had been newly rolled out. Only the contractor had removed all of our topsoil and essentially put the turf on clay. Once it started to rain, the lawn drowned -- and had to be replaced.
New Whitecroft Lawn by Our Duck Pond106 views
New Whitecroft Lawn106 views
Whitecroft Lawn and Daffodils124 viewsView from the house, looking toward the road.
Whitecroft Lawn, Daffodils and Gate121 viewsWe had to have this gate replaced because people walking down the public footpath would "peer" over the gate.
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