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Craig in the Worcester Royal Infirmary170 viewsWith my bad Achilles' tendons, I managed to slip-and-fall in our own conservatory at midnight. I managed to limp to the couch, but at 3 AM I couldn't get up. Two ambulances later (they needed four people to lift me I was at the hospital. They did X-rays and CAT scans, and concluded that I had "soft tissue damage." Here I am, drinking a Diet Coke from one of those little cup things. May 5 2006
Yellow Hibiscus in Whitecroft Orchid House137 viewsOur little area that's like Hawaii --- humid and warm, with the occasional trade wind from the Pali.
Replacement "Red Wax" Pears from Solstice in London120 viewsThese are the replacement pears sent to us by Solstice --- they don't look much better than the original "Red Wax" pears. They were virtually inedible --- fell apart in a matter of a day. After a delay, Solstice refunded the purchase price.
An Expensive "Red Wax" Pear from Solstice104 viewsThis is actually a replacment for earlier damaged pears. This one doesn't look much better. This is just how it arrived, by courier, at our home. Right out of the bubble wrap.
Solstice Packaging121 viewsThis is how Solstice in London packaged our produce. The cardboard used in the box is, in my opinion, too thin for a courier company to handle. And the open handle on the side of the box means the food shipment is essentially open to the elements while in transit.
Summer Flowers109 views
It's my turn to wait..........180 views
Marjorie's New Polo Shirt7310 viewsWe had a young Polish lady --- Agnes --- help us on the farm. She left one of Marjorie's Polo shirts to soak overnight --- but apparently soaked it in acid. She came to us from a recruitment agency, Claire Meade Ltd. They described her as "house proud." We didn't pay their fee.
Marjorie's New Sweatshirt616 viewsAgnes also soaked one of Marjorie's sweatshirts in the same acid bath. The weather is getting warmer, so it looks like Marjorie now has some air conditioned clothing.2 comments
Craig's Back195 viewsMy friend Bob Cavey sent me this cartoon to show me dealing with my Achilles' tendonitis and a fractured back. The look on my face says it all.
BBC Radio Forum on the Worcestershire NHS117 viewsUniversity of Worcester, Jun 22 2006. Marjorie and I spent a depressing 2 1/2 hours listening to everything that's wrong with the NHS. The politician in London said, "This is a great time to be a patient in the NHS." What world does he live in?
Craig and Kiko and the Stars and Stripes141 viewsOur 4th of July American flag, on the hedge in front of Whitecroft.
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