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York Minster Cathedral87 viewsMe hobbling along in the York Minster Cathedral. It was beautiful inside because there was some pretty strong November sunlight outside.
York Minster Cathedral Chairs198 views
York Minster Cathedral95 views
York Minster Cathedral -- Ceiling of the Chapter House83 viewsMarjorie had to almost lie on her back to take this photo straight up, right to the ceiling of the Chapter House. It's amazing to read that this was constructed in the 1260's.
York Minster Cathedral - Chapter House616 viewsTourists taking photos of each other.
Candles at York Minster Cathedral102 viewsMarjorie and I always like lighting candles, letting birds go free, ringing bells, etc. --- all the things you do in churches and temples throughout the world. At York Minster Cathedral we each bought a little candle. Ours were the only two on the go.
Betty's in York104 viewsThis was like a clean Swiss cafe in Zurich, except for the fact that it was in York. It seemed to have a steady queue. We had a great lunch there, and bought some delicious cookies and pastry. (That's our car parked in front. I guess we could have driven inside.)
Husband and Wife at York Minster Cathedral136 viewsA memorial, photographed in the available light.
The Scripture at York Minster Cathedral103 viewsOpen to a page that says, "Is not Calno like Car'chemish? Is not Hamath like Arpad?" Huh?
Eagle at York Minster Cathedral84 viewsThis bird (I think an eagle) holds the Bible.
Cathy Marjorie (and Kiko) at Christmas 2006117 viewsSmall tree and just the three of us (plus, of course, Kiko and Tapa and all of our doggie guests)
Cathy and Marjorie, Christmas 200683 viewsEnjoying a glass of mulled wine before opening pressies --- Christmas morning, 2006.
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