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The Easter Pressie - Cathy is Speechless252 viewsShe is just so happy with her Sam's Club Easter pressie.
Shauna and Pete Tyler - Hawaii253 viewsEnd of picture guy?
GF Veterans Day 2001.jpg
Grandfather at Punchbowl - Honolulu239 views
Cathy with Green Shirt299 views
Marjorie at Oahu Country Club New Year's272 viewsI think this was New Year's 2000.
Adrian Stevens and Cathy Bushby - Kona, Hawaii388 viewsHard at work on PoiCo business in Kailua-Kona2 comments
Marjorie's Christmas Bicycle462 viewsI think this was the only time Marjorie had time to get on this bike. In the end the seat was stolen from the parking lot at Craigside. We have the pink squeaky pig at Whitecroft.
Cathy Bushby as a Pineapple173 views
Marjorie in the Pineapple Patch199 views
Marjorie and Crossed Eyes207 viewsBoy, will Marjorie be a happy camper when she learns that I've uploaded this photograph of her doing her party trick.
Picture 004.jpg
Marjorie Having A Bad Allergy Day343 viewsThe allergist asked me to please take a photo of Marjorie when her allergies were really bothering her. This is that photograph. Not too happy, I'd say.
Decorating Graves - Oahu Cemetery, Honolulu211 views
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