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Tapa and Pau1373 viewsA rare, quiet moment. I don't even remember Tapa being this small.
Kiko and Craig1237 viewsTwo large bellies on the couch - January 2005
Kiko and Craig Hard at Work1251 viewsIt's hard to figure out if Kiko is in my "pack" or if I am in his. But we certainly both like to slob out on the couch. I wonder if the green covers were for him, or for me?
Tapa Having A Saturday Morning Rest1183 viewsTapa and Kiko both love the couch --- sleeping on it, walking on it, licking it. Here's Tapa having a bit of a Saturday morning lie in, with his head comfortably on the pillow. Note that mine is not.
A Face That Only A Bull Terrier Could Love1069 viewsHere's Tapa giving me a good lick on Saturday morning, February 12 2005
Kiko Asleep in the Conservatory1017 viewsKiko was snoring away in his favourite chair in the conservatory yesterday (February 13 2005) so I snapped his picture. When I went to upload it to this site, I was surprised to find out how many pictures I have of our dogs sleeping --- including in the sunny conservatory. Gosh, it looks like that's all our dogs do every day. As if.
Kiko in Pursuit1028 viewsKiko loves playing ball. He prefers a blue ball, but here he demonstrates that yellow will do nicely.
Kiko with Yellow Ball806 viewsHaving caught the yellow ball --- in his vice-like jaws --- the game is to now try to get it away from him. Kiko likes the game more than the catching of the ball itself.
Kiko and Tapa in the Garden830 viewsAs Kiko gets older, he just doesn't like to be in the house with Tapa. But they still love to play ball together, and as it gets warmer (and a bit drier) there's more time for the two to play in the garden. April 3 2005
Kiko and Tapa in the Garden799 viewsKiko guarding his ball, Tapa coming in for the inevitable challenge. April 3 2005
Hard at Work720 viewsI sometimes think that playing ball (and, more importantly, chewing ball) is like work to a dog. They do it with such seriousness and purpose. April 3 2005
Kiko Hard At Work788 viewsThis is serious stuff for Kiko. He has always been a world-class ball chewer. April 3 2005
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