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Kiko in His Mud Suit889 views2 comments
Kiko and The Mud496 viewsHe looks very happy here --- that's because he hasn't figured out, yet, that to come in the house and have his tea, he needs to have a b-a-t-h.
Tapa923 views. . . with a bit of mud on his face.1 comments
Kiko Wearing A Mud Suit1675 viewsKiko loves to drop his ball in water, and then try to get it. In the house, he puts it under glass shelf at the bottom of an end table. Today he outdid himself: into the little stream that runs through our property. Because it's been dry, the stream is mainly mud. It looks like Kiko is wearing a mud suit.
Tapa Getting Squirted815 viewsNo, don't worry, Tapa loves this. If we stop doing it, he looks for the end of the garden hose and stands over it, and then stares at us with disapproval.
Tapa and the Garden Hose506 views
Tapa in the Garden Hose Mist895 viewsWhitecroft, on a boiling hot summer afternoon, July 17 2005. Tapa in mid-air, with water pouring out of both sides of his mouth.
Tapa Getting Squirted616 viewsOne of Tapa's favourite sports is to catch water from the garden hose. Whitecroft, front garden, July 17 2005.
Tapa Drinking From The Garden Hose459 viewsTapa looks like an old reprobate with his crooked tongue. Drinking from the garen house on a boiling hot summer afternoon, July 17 2005, Whitecroft front garden.
Tapa and The Water Rainbow432 views
Kiko in His Favourite Postion -- Asleep407 viewsKiko managed to make a little "extension" on the chair in the conservatory so his head would be supported and comfortble.
Kiko and Marjorie Having a Rest753 viewsIt's been a long, tiring week-end. Kiko and Marjorie having a bit of a rest with the newspapers in the front "dog" lounge.
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