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Koala in tree on Linear Park Jan 2005.jpg
Koala in tree377 viewsKoala in tree on Linear Park, not a usual sighting in our neck of the woods, Jan 2005. He was alone and I only saw him about 4 times, have not seen him for about 6 weeks now.
Marjorie & I Starbucks Milton Keynes April 2005.jpg
Enjoying Coffee April 2005595 viewsMarjorie and I enjoying a coffee in Starbucks Milton Keynes April 2005
M & Auntie Jean April 2005.jpg
Auntie Jean with Marjorie206 viewsMarjorie and Auntie Jean at her house in April 2005
Just for Craig Sydney 2005.jpg
Just for Craig197 viewsThought you would like this Craig, it reminded me of Kinko's we saw in Hawaii, this one was in Sydney March 2005
Marjorie & I Starbucks Milton Keynes April 2005~0.jpg
Outside of Selfridges in B_ham April 2005.jpg
Selfridges Birmingham April 2005186 viewsThe outside of the dept store Selfridges in Birmingham, this photo was taken in the Starbucks in Borders April 2005
Patio at Jen_s place April 2005.jpg
Jen's patio175 viewsView of Jen & Andrew's patio with Ash and Genny dog April 2005
Opera House Sydney Mch 2005.jpg
Sydney Opera House March 2005235 viewsA view of the Sydney Opera House March 2005
Pheasant in church Yard April 2005.jpg
Pheasant in Church Yard April 2005218 viewsA pheasant we watched for a while in a Church Yard in April 2005
Shauna Starbucks The Bull Ring April 2005.jpg
Shauna in Starbucks April 2005253 viewsShauna in Starbucks located in Borders Bookshop in Birmingham April 2005
Surgery St John_s Andrew designed April 2005.jpg
Drs Surgery Andrew designed231 viewsThe doctors surgery that Andrew designed in St John's Worcester April 2005
Park Sydney Mch 2005.jpg
Birds in park in Sydney193 viewsBirds we got close to in a park in Sydney March 2005
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