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Paulo Taking A Break126 viewsRed ball at his side, under his guard. March 25 2005
Paulo on Guard - Green Ball97 viewsMarch 25 2005
Paulo after Breakfast188 viewsIs that a bit of scrambled egg on your nose, Paulo?1 comments
Paulo Enjoying His Breakfast131 viewsWheatabix, fresh Guernsey milk (from Carole, our cow), and some scrambled egg from our own Black Rock chickens. Served in his suite, on a silver (okay, silver colour) stand.
Paulo Waits For His Easter Egg145 viewsI think Paulo thinks it's a ball. He's ready to play catch. March 27 2005
Paulo Figures Out The Easter Egg93 viewsIt took Paulo about 30 seconds to figure out why this "ball" felt strange, and started to crumble in his mouth. Mmmm. March 27 2005
Paulo Sniffs the Easter Egg103 viewsAt first, he was confused by the strange nature of what he thought was a ball. How do I play catch with this? March 27 2005
Paulo Awaits the Easter Egg112 views"What's this?"
Paulo and His Easter Egg115 viewsPaulo ready to play catch with the funny brown ball. The egg is made especially for dogs, so it's not made of chocolate.
Woody Protecting the Ball146 viewsThe bark was to tell me, "Stop taking these dumb pictures and throw the ball..."
Woody Prancing With the Ball119 views
Woody Coming In For A Landing122 viewsI love watching dogs play ball with two balls --- one in the mouth, one in play. Which to catch? Which to chew? Decisions . . Decisions . .
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