Lucies Farm Photo Gallery

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Pom Pom and His Lead122 viewsPom Pom in the garden --- with his bone lead.
Pom Pom on His Walk in the Garden93 viewsThat's Marjorie on the right, Pom Pom on the left.
Tiny On Patrol in the Front Garden116 viewsAnd she's looking at the camera wondering why I keep pointing it at her.
Tiny On Evening Patrol208 viewsThe days are starting to lengthen and we're now getting a bit of sun. Our lemon trees (on the right in the photograph) look a bit sad after their winter indoors. Tiny doesn't seem to notice.
Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort108 viewsA somewhat different view of the dog resort (in the centre of the photograph). I took this from one of the garden paths.
Tiny and Marjorie134 viewsMarjorie tossed Tiny's toy at me so that Tiny would run towards the camera. Here's Tiny in the foreground, and the toy-tossing Marjorie in the background. Who's tiny?
Tiny Playing Catch85 viewsMarjorie (in the background) tosses, and Tiny runs and jumps.
Tiny Up Close103 viewsOK --- guess how many photos of Tiny we took to get this pose?
Close Up of Tiny93 viewsLooks more like a bear . . .
Tiny Being Tickled108 viewsWhat a great use of the thick spring grass...!
Tiny Playing Catch93 views
Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Hotel206 viewsWhat a great spring day. This photo shows our Luxury Dog Hotel with the flowers in bloom, and a blue sky. Welcome to sunny Worcestershire.
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