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Teddy on the Edge of The Pond85 views
Teddy and The Garden Hose111 viewsMy gosh, if the RSPCA sees this photo they'll be over to arrest us! While this looks like we're shooting Teddy with a fire hose, we actually have crummy water pressure at Whitecroft, and a special garden nozzle where it's more air than water. And Teddy kept coming back for more.
Teddy -- Looking Cute102 viewsTeddy sitting on the edge of the pond in our front garden. He looks a bit sad because we've just told him that, no, he can't jump into the pond.
Teddy -- Hot Summer Afternoon115 viewsTeddy on a hot summer afternoon, waiting eagerly for a squirt from the garden hose.
Teddy Rotating Off The Water116 viewsI guess I never knew dog's eyes got this wide when they rotated to dry off. It was a boiling hot day, and Teddy has been enjoying the water from the hose.
Morgan The Bichon Frise171 viewsFor information on the Bichon Frise, I found the website of the Bichon Frise Club of America.
Teddy Swimming in the Fountain467 viewsTeddy had been playing on the edge of the fountain. He really wanted to jump in, but then held back. Finally, he just did a belly flop and jumped. He then proudly swam from the one side to the other, and then scampered up the bank.
Teddy103 views
Kila The Ridgeback122 views
Simba Looking For Fish113 views
Teddy Scampering Out of the Fountain93 viewsI went to give him a helping hand, but he was out in a flash.
Teddy112 viewsTeddy looking a bit wet after he proudly decided that he wanted to swim across the pool at the bottom of the fountain.
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