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Sleeping Tamworth Pigs348 viewsThese pigs (all brothers and sisters) were cleaned off this morning, and have spent the day and night in the stable and stable yard. They smell good, they don't foul in the stable itself, and they sleep in this big ball --- playing "spoons" with each other.
Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs548 views11 Baby Back Ribs.
Kurobuta Draft of Pork2750 viewsThe Kurobuta pork belly (or Draft of Pork) cooked with root vegetables.
Kurobuta Draft of Pork355 viewsAlso called pork belly --- with some nice gravy and crackling.
Kurobuta Roast Rack of Pork Dinner318 viewsWith crackling, roast potatoes, broccoli, and home-made apple sauce.
Kurobuta Rack Roast of Pork513 views
Kurobuta Roast Rack of Pork750 viewsWith delicious, crispy scored crackling on the outside, and moist pork on the inside.1 comments
Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs341 viewsWith a nice chili-scented dipping sauce, and a cold beer.
Pig Weather Vane413 viewsOur curly-tailed pig weather vane keeps us posted on the wind.
Kurobuta Pork Chops468 viewsOur Kurobuta pork chops can be ordered on our e-commerce website.
Kurobuta Pork Chops for Dinner386 viewsWith some mashed potatoes and Chinese snow peas. Our Kurobuta pork chops can be ordered online at our e-commerce site.
Tamworth Piglets490 viewsWe have a visiting pig --- 1/2 Tamworth, 1/2 Wild Boar --- here visiting us on the farm. (Or, more accurately, visiting our wild boar.) The visitor has been here for about four weeks, and hasn't been interested in the boar. Surprise -- she was pregnant. Her six piglets are 3/4 Tamworth, 1/4 Wild Boar. Of the four shown here (photographed on January 21 2006) note the one with the wild boar stripes.
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