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Swimming Pig Photograph330 viewsMy father gave me a book, The Ubiquitous Pig, in 1993. It was this page from the book, with this great photograph, that gave us the inspiration to take photos of swimming pigs.
Berkshire Pig With Her Babies262 viewsMermaid with her litter of baby Berkshire (Kurobuta) pigs.
Tamworth - Wild Boar Piglets268 viewsThese six piglets are 7/8 Tamworth and 1/8 Wild Boar. Most of the six look like they're pure Tamworth, but a couple have black snouts and black circles around their eyes. The six were raised alongside a wild sow and a wild boar, so they're quite feisty. They're off to participate in an "Iron Age" lifestyle experiment --- as I understand it, school children will be able to see how folks actually lived in the Iron Age.
Tamworth Piglets184 viewsApril 9 2006
Sleeping Berkshire Pig with Interfering Tamworth Piglets201 viewsThe Berkshire lady is trying to nap, but the three little Tamworth piglets are having none of that!
Tamworth Piglets Playing184 views
Berkshire Piglets1486 viewsA couple of Berkshire (Kurobuta) piglets playing.
A Tamworth Piglet176 views
Kurobuta Pig With A Mouth Full of Grain794 viewsApparently we failed to teach this Kurobuta pig good table manners. Here is laughing out loud with a mouth full of grain. How piggy!
Tamworth (Ginger) and Kurobuta (Black) Pigs Eating with Highland Cattle474 views
Kurobuta Pig and Highland Cattle Enjoying a Meal Together435 views
Kurobuta Pig Having a Rest in the Mud779 viewsIt was a hot spring day, and what could be nicer than a dip in the cool mud?
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