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Aberdeen Angus Cow240 viewsEnjoying the summer morning, 4-acre field, June 29 2005
Our Aberdeen Angus Bull247 views
Shall We Dance? Alpaca Shearing221 viewsThese two gentlemen, from New Zealand, spend a couple of months touring the U.K. and shearing circa 4,000 alpacas. Our three are old men and their fleece isn't of particularly good quality. But we have them sheared because it's healthier for the alpacas.
Alpaca Wool214 viewsIn the hands of experienced shearers, the wool just peels off like butter.
Alpaca Shearing at Lucies Farm243 viewsThis is the third alpaca to be sheared. He watched the shearers tie up the other alpacas' legs, so he's a bit more crafty.
Three Sheared Alpacas529 viewsThey look a bit skinny and sad, but it was hot today (July 3 2005) and I bet they were pleased to be out of their thick alpaca wool "sweaters."
Maggot's Croft, as Viewed From The Stable228 viewsBeautiful summer afternoon --- warm but not too warm.
The Trailer, Greenhouse, and Barn236 views... and, of course, our tractor. The farm stable yard on a hot summer afternoon.
Two Sheared Alpacas273 views2 comments
Aberdeen Angus Cattle - Royal Show 2005229 viewsWe attended the Royal Show on the one sunny day. Here are some Aberdeen Angus cattle, looking quite beefy.
Collinson Silos193 viewsWe're considering the purchase of a silo for the farm, to hold the grain for the cattle. We stopped by the Collinson booth at the Royal Show to look at silos, during the five minutes of blue sky.
A Fluffy Lamb -- Royal Show 2005188 views
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