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Our New Guernsey Calf250 viewsLooking a bit skinny, but Guernsey cattle always look a bit skinny to me. But also looking cute. Unfortunately (for him) he's a male.
A Frozen Fence198 viewsA November week-end in sunny Worcestershire, complete with frozen fence. You can see what Highland cattle do to a perfectly good fence!
Craig and a Hampshire Down Lamb324 viewsWe don't raise sheep any more --- this is a photo from the "archives" of me holding a Hampshire Down lamb.2 comments
Cathy Bushby Holding a Hampshire Down Lamb201 viewsThe older sheep don't seem the least bit bothered -- even by Cathy's enormously bright coat!
The Compost Heap and Kissing Gate240 viewsThis is in the corner of the farm, along a public footpath that runs on our property. As it's now sunny we're removing the accumulation of compost and using it to fill holes and valleys on our various fields.
The Kune Kune - Gloucester Old Spot Cross240 viewsThe particularly ugly pig is my daughter's. The pig is a cross between a Kune Kune pig (from New Zealand --- translates to "fat and round") and a Gloucester Old Spot pig. We never quite understood how the cross took place, but it did --- and produced this rather strange pig with wattles. They're called piri piri or dew laps that hang from the lower jaw, and their purpose is not known.
Geofredo and Pedro -- The Donkeys275 viewsOur two donkeys enjoying a spring afternoon at Birchfields. May 18 20061 comments
Rull Balletcruz B012 Born 17 October 2002185 viewsAberdeen Angus Cattle Society Herd Book Vol. 127 UK366823-200012 -- Our pure-bred Aberdeen Angus Bull, at rest.
Alpaca223 views1 comments
Alpaca226 views1 comments
Geofredo and Pedro the Donkeys356 views1 comments
Pedro the Donkey183 views
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