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The Truckman on the Transporter181 viewsThe back end of the Truckman after someone collided with it on Crookbarrow Road. We had to abandon it during the rainstorm, and had all sorts of problems getting MMA to recover it. Someone apparently rear-ended the Truckman. Photographed on the transporter at Lucies Farm, as the Truckman heads down the driveway and into the sunset.
Birchfields 1184 viewsShowing the trees --- now more of a forest --- that we planted in circa 1992.
The Police Helicopter175 viewsThis helicopter spent a lot of time overhead. We didn't know if they were taking our photo (why?) so I took their photo. We later learned they were looking for a missing person.
Enjoying Berkshire Sausages and Kurobuta Pork Chops1853 views(L to R) Artur Ivanyan, Larysa Sredzinska, Petra Horalkova, Norbert Kobela, Grzegorz Bednarski, and Julita Kosciuk. A sunny, summer afternoon in the Whitecroft garden.1 comments
My arrival at Lucies Farm202 viewsBelinda arriving at Lucies Farm to begin her role as our house cow. She's milked by hand twice each day, and her full-fat fresh Guernsey milk is used in scrambled eggs --- the breakfast of most of our doggie guests.
Is this my new home?166 views
Think I'll go for a ride in the car171 viewsIan Crouch bringing Belinda to her new home at Lucies Farm.
Guess my home is elsewhere160 views
Still looking for my new home238 views
Don't even think it - I'm already expecting145 views
One Of Our Alpacas Mooching in the Stable Yard211 views
Two Curious Alpacas165 viewsMoving the alpacas -- via the stable yard -- into the upper barn.
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