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Lord's Wood Cottage212 viewsI believe that the wooden fence line encroaches on our property. This photograph is taken looking southward down the track, towards Colletts Green. Our track is on the left in this photograph. Lord's Wood cottage, and the new extension, is shown on the right of the fence.
Lord's Wood Cottage Showing New Extension209 viewsThis photograph is taken looking south down our track (towards Colletts Green). The new metal extension, with wooden doors, is on the eastern side of Lord's Wood cottage.
Lord's Wood Cottage Extension200 viewsThe new metal extension on Lord's Wood cottage. This photograph is taken from the east, looking slightly north-west. The extension is shown coming right up to the fence line, which we believe encroaches upon our property. The height of the extension can be estimated using Marjorie's height (5'6").
Woodman's Cottage194 viewsOur track to Lord's Wood on the right of the photograph. This is taken from the triangular piece of land in the front, which is (according to our deeds and recent survey) our property.
Marjorie Walking to Lord's Wood193 viewsWalking up (northward) the track, in the direction of Lord's Wood.
Lord's Wood Cottage188 viewsThis photograph is taken from the south, looking northward (towards Lord's Wood itself). This metal extension was constructed recently on the eastern side of Lord's Wood cottage. It goes right up to the fence, which we believe encroaches upon our property.
Lord's Wood Cottage189 viewsTaken from the south, looking towards the north. This new extension has been built on the eastern side of Lord's Wood cottage.
Sewage Outfall Pipe from (We Think) Lord's Wood Cottage199 viewsAt the request of the District Council, we have removed the undergrowth and some of the soil from the offending sewage outfall pipe (see earlier photograph). This pipe is within Lord's Wood, and points directly to Lord's Wood Cottage.
Raw Sewage - Woodman's Cottage191 viewsThis raw sewage is coming out of a pipe on our property, adjacent to our track to Lord's Wood. We believe it's coming from Woodman's Cottage, the only property in the area.
Sewage Pipe - Woodman's Cottage259 viewsWe have dug away some of the soil to expose the end of the pipe. Offending raw sewage is coming onto our property, on the eastern side of our track down to Lord's Wood.
Front of Woodman's Cottage195 viewsWe have now removed the bush that sat on our property, and plan to move the fences back to the property line later this week. This will give us the space so that departing vehicles can see safely in both directions on the Bransford Road.
Sewage Outfall -- Woodman's Cottage194 viewsThis is raw sewage, and it's coming into the ditch on our track -- our access to Lord's Wood. We have called this to the attention of the Malvern Hills District Council, and they have called it to the attention of the owner of Woodman's Cottage. But here, on the evening of September 19, 2005, it still pours. Fortunately, we can safely walk on the other side of the track.
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