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Bluebells in Lord's Wood148 viewsMay 1 2006 -- a nice spring day, complete with (rare) sunshine.
View of the New Fence and Woodman's Cottage180 viewsThe entrance to Lord's Wood, with the new fence installed September 15 2006. Looking from the Bransford Road toward the north.
Front Garden of Woodman's Cottage and New Fence204 viewsPhotographed looking south-east. The Bransford (Colletts Green) Road is on the right. The grassy area is the front garden of Woodman's Coggage. The existing, side fence is in the foreground. It meets the new fence at the traffic marker. Photographed September 15 2006.
The Contractors Carefully Measure The New Fence173 viewsGreat care was taken to be sure that the fence was not over the boundary. The new fence sits entirely on our property. Morning of September 15 2006.
Marjorie Standing in the Driveway of Woodman's Cottage195 viewsThe new fence has just been installed on our property, at the distance determined by the Court. We will now have the contractor excavate the area in front of the fence to a depth of about 4 inches, and install and compact gravel. Photographed on the afternoon of September 15 2006.
New Fence In Front of Woodman's Cottage (Entrance to Lord's Wood)180 viewsThe new fence, on our property, runs along the boundary established by the Court. Which is where we said the boundary was all along, and where it is shown to be on our deeds, and on our neighbor's deeds. Photographed on the afternoon of September 15 2006.
New Fence At Woodman's Cottage174 viewsPhotographed looking towards the east. The Bransford Road (aka Colletts Green Road) is on the right. September 15 2006.
New Fence and Curb183 viewsBy the afternoon of September 15 2006 (when this photo was taken) the new fence had been erected. The curb across our track (the eastern track) is designed to retain the gravel we are about to install in the triangle between the fence and the road.
Down With The Old, In With The New185 viewsAfter a year of litigation (commenced against us by Thomas Hawkins) we have fully prevailed. The Court-appointed expert found that the fence by Woodman's Cottage was not along the boundary line, and encroached on our property. This is important, because it has to do with "visual splays" onto the road. On September 15 2006 our contractors arrived to remove the part of the fence that encroached, and to put up our new fence along the boundary line.
Craig Standing Next To The New Fence179 viewsWoodman's Cottage, after the new fence was installed along the correct boundary line. Photographed September 15 2006.
The New Fence at Woodman's Cottage185 viewsPhotographed on the afternoon of September 18 2006. The excavation of some of the triangle area had started, and the load of gravel had been delivered. The nice new fence is shown in the background.
Woodman's Cottage -- The Pile of Gravel177 viewsThe gravel in a big pile, waiting for the excavation to be completed. The gravel was then spread and compacted. Photographed on the afternoon of September 18 2006.
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