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Gravel Pile, Looking Towards Colletts Green188 viewsThe gravel pile, and the Bransford - Colletts Green Road, looking towards Colletts Green and Malvern. Photographed on September 18 2006.
Woodman's Cottage - Compacted Gravel228 viewsThe excavation of about 4 inches of soil completed. The gravel has been spread and compacted, so it's almost as solid as the road. Photographed on the morning of September 19 2006. Nigel Roberts, from Albion Landscapes standing proudly with his shovel.
Compacting the Gravel208 viewsIn the front of Woodman's Cottage, morning of September 19 2006. A beautiful, sunny, warm monring. This work was done for us by Albion Landscapes. They were the lowest of three bidders I contacted. They were very fast, and they did an excellent job.
Marjorie in the new Triangle205 viewsIn front of Woodman's Cottage, on the morning of Septmeber 19 2006. Our legal expenses to defend the action brought against us by Thomas Hawkins, the owner of the cottage, have topped Stg 42,000. We have prevailed in the litigation, and have been awarded reimbursement of our costs on an indemnity basis. Amazing: this little plot of land cost the same as two years (tuition, room, and board) at Harrow or Eton.
Front Garden of Woodman's Cottage190 viewsPhotographed on the morning of September 19 2006 from the western (shared) track owned by Robert Floyd. This shot is to the south-east. The road on the right is the Bransford Road (also called Colletts Green Road and Station Road) heading towards Powick, Worcester, and the great big world.
Looking Down The Track To Lord's Wood201 viewsSeptember 23 2006, looking north towards Lord's Wood. This photograph shows where the fence jumps out from the hedge. It also shows how close the metal shed is to the fence.
Looking Down The Track To Lord's Wood158 viewsThe morning of September 23 2006. With the brambles cleared out, you can see how the fence (the two horizontal posts) comes out from the hedge, and then carries on down the track to the north, towards Lord's Wood itself. The large metal shed, built without planning permission, is also encroaching upon our land.
More Track Photographs154 viewsSeptember 23 2006. Our guys cleared out the brambles on our side of the fence, and it's now clear that the old fence (in the centre of the hedge at the left) then does a right-hand turn (the two posts in the middle of this photograph), and turns right again. The fence on the right was installed sometime after May 13 2004, when the materials were purchased by Hawkins' men. The fence in the middle was put up, we think between June 2002 and May 2004.
Where the Fence Does a "Z"183 viewsSeptember 23 2006. Zbig stood on top of the Truckman (those are my feet on the left) and took this aerial photograph, looking almost straight down on the fence. I added the yellow line afterwards, to show the approximate location of the fence in the middle of the hedge. It's curious that the fence then goes to the east (into our property), and then continues on down (to the north) down the track to Lord's Wood.
Looking Down The Track To Lord's Wood201 viewsSeptember 23 2006, photographed looking to the north, towards Lord's Wood. Lord's Wood Cottage is on the left of this photograph. The metal shed building is constructed on the eastern side of the Cottage.
Entrance to Lord's Wood172 viewsThe site of our past bonfire --- and getting ready for the next one. View to the northwest.
Entrance to Lord's Wood157 viewsLooking down our track, by our "parking lot" at the entrance to Lord's Wood. View to the northwest.
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