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PAAVille Skyline - Wake Island19314 viewsI would guess this in the main intersection of PAAVille on Wake Island, photographed by my father, Woody Walsh, circa 1953. He took a series of slides, and these two images were stitched together with modern software. I like the one lone soldier walking in the lower right hand corner --- he's the only sign of "traffic."
Main Street on Wake Island - PAAVille10235 viewsMy father lived on Wake Island for quite a while in the early 1950's when he worked for PanAm. Not much traffic.
Wake Island from the Air1600 viewsMy father, Woody Walsh, was stationed by PanAm on Wake Island in, I believe, 1953. At the time Wake Island was a refuelling airport for the China Clippers en route from the West Coast to the Orient.
Panoramic Image of the Bridge Between Wake and Peale Islands4787 viewsAs best I can tell from the map of Wake Island this is the bridge between Wake Island and Peale Island. The water beneath leads into the lagoon. It appears that the bridge is under construction. I think this photo --- actually two slides stitched together --- is circa 1953.
Wake Island Airport - Circa 19535237 viewsMy father, Woody Walsh, was stationed on Wake Island when he worked for PanAm. This was circa 1953.
U S Air Force Aircraft at Wake Island - Circa 19531340 views
Empty Stand at the Wake Island Airport - Circa 19534906 viewsWith, I suspect, the "skyline" of PAAVille in the background.
Gap Between Peale and Wake Islands from the Air1729 viewsBased upon the map of Wake Island I think this is the passage into the lagoon between Wake Island and Peale Island.
PAAVille on Wake Island from the Air - Circa 19534203 views
Wake Island from the Air - Circa 19531334 views
Wake Island from the Air - Circa 1953858 views
Craig By The Park Sheraton Hotel - Thanksgiving 19661707 viewsI had a term paper to write --- I was a freshman at Renesselaer --- so I borrowed a typewriter in the hotel's office. They used it for typing telegrams (remember telegrams?) so all of the lower-case letters had been filed off. I had to type my paper ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Note the Horn and Hardart automat on the corner in the background.
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