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Wild Boar Moving from One Paddock to the Next125 viewsThe clay fields have largely dried out. The one remaining "soggy" place is at the gate between the two paddocks. We are in the process of putting straw and wood chips in this area to complete the drying process.
Wild Boar Moving from One Paddock to the Next478 views
Wild Boar on the Prowl at Lucies Farm192 viewsMoving from one paddock to the next.
Wild Boar Having a Prowl112 views
Wild Boar at Lucies Farm95 views
Wild Boar at Lucies Farm115 views
Wild Boar on the Compacted Hard Core119 viewsTo provide better drainage of their paddock, we installed this compacted hard core (about three feet thick) on the higher part of the paddock. This drains very well, so the boar aren't always on clay.
Wild Boar at Lucies Farm98 views
Wild Boar in the Second Paddock102 viewsThe clay was "smoothed" over in late January as part of the installation of the compacted hard core, shown in the foreground in this photograph.
Wild Boar and their Pig Arcs129 viewsThe pig arcs sit on compacted hard core at the top of the field. There's about three feet of compacted hard core, and it drains well --- giving the wild boar dry bedding and a way to be on dry land (i.e. not clay).
Alpacas Keeping An Eye On The Wild Boar99 views
Wild Boar at Lucies Farm100 views
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