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Wild Boar and Swimming Pool179 viewsWe bought this kiddie's swimming pool at Argos to see if the piglets (Berkshire and wild) would like a swim. But this large wild boar decided the water was better for drinking than for swimming.
Wild Boar Family163 viewsEnjoying lunch together.
Wild Piglet177 viewsPosing for the camera.
Wild Boar Approaching the Argos Kiddie Pool170 viewsWe wondered if the small wild boar might enjoy a swim in the Argos apple-shaped kiddie swimming pool.
Young Wild Pigs on the Run183 views
An Adolescent Wild Boar2488 views
Wild Boar Piglet212 viewsThis little fella wasn't gaining weight as the other wild boar kept pushing him from the feed trough. We have separated him, and have put him with the small Berkshire piglets in a stable.
Wild Boar in the Mud From Recent Heavy Rains180 viewsDespite the presence of elaborate land drains (installed by us when we purchased this property) it still gets very muddy when we have heavy rains. We are installing hard core on the upper portion of the field so the wild pigs will have a dry area.
Wild Boar Looking for Food142 views
Wild Boar in the Mud at Maggot's Croft1712 viewsThis field, originally an orchard, came with the prosaic name of Maggot's Croft. Despite our planting pig-resistant grass from Hurrells (a specialist seed company) the wild boar manage to remove all traces of grass in a matter of weeks.
The Elders Having a Conference158 views
"I'm Sorry, But He's In A Meeting"166 views
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