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Interior of Burj al Arab Hotel4002 viewsThere's a light show in the evening in the tall, open atrium of the Burj al Arab hotel, with things projected on the inside of the large Kevlar "sail" that makes up one side of the hotel.
Our Suite in the Burj al Arab590 viewsThis is just part of the downstairs living room in our suite. Marjorie is sitting on the couch before we head off for dinner.
Burj al Arab Hotel290 viewsThe right side of the hotel --- bathed in purple light --- is made from Kevlar, and is designed to look like a sail. The whole hotel is on a man-made island just offshore in the Arabian Sea. The colours on the side of the hotel change every few minutes.
Lanters at the Bab al Shams222 viewsAs Marjorie and I went off to have an evening cocktail, these lanterns in a small courtyard were turned on, and it was quite magical.
Marjorie in the Middle207 viewsMarjorie in the centre of this large mosaic in the lobby of the Burj al Arab hotel, Dubai.
Marjorie Descends the Stairs209 viewsThis curved stairway looks like it is in the hotel lobby. It is, in fact, the stairs that go from one floor of our suite in the Burj al Arab to the other floor. And I gather that we had a "basic" suite. The hotel only has suites.
Craig at Bab Al Shams Hotel285 viewsOur hotel in the desert, where we spent the last two days of our stay. As I couldn't walk during the trip -- other than very short distances -- I spent a lot of time sitting. A chance for me to catch up on my Sue Grafton mysteries.
Our Suite in the Burj al Arab221 viewsThis is another part of our living room in our two-floor suite in the Burj al Arab Hotel -- the Tower of the Arabs. Lots of gold and rich colours.
Marjorie Waiting for Dinner245 viewsWe were going to the "underwater" seafood restaurant in the Burj al Arab hotel. You need to wait in this area for your "submarine" (a bit of a Disney-esque ride) to take you underwater and out into the ocean to the submerged restaurant.
Burj al Arab Hotel at Night237 viewsThe Burj al Arab Hotel rises from the Arabian Sea. The Madinat Jumeirah Hotel is on the right. You get from one part of this large property to another by boat: the streaks below the Burj al Arab Hotel are the lights from one of the boats.
Burj al Arab Hotel -- Looking Up205 viewsThe strange structure sticking out of the hotel is a restaurant and bar: there are photos that we took at night from this bar in the photo gallery.
Underwater Seafood Restaurant -- Burj al Arab Hotel4704 viewsThe view from our table at the underwater seafood restaurant. I don't think we were really underwater, but there was a large tank of salt water fish to keep us entertained as we ate their cousins.
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