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Marjorie Getting Ready151 viewsMarjorie hates only one thing more than my taking these photos of her. And that's my posting them on the web.
Lamb Cooking in the Desert177 viewsAt the huge buffet in the desert restaurant at the Bab al Shams Hotel, there were many different types of lamb. Here the chef is cooking a whole lamb with rice (minus, I think, the head).
Marjorie at the Bab Al Shams Hotel157 viewsSitting in the outdoor seating area just outside of our room.
Marjorie on a Camel230 viewsGoing to the desert restaurant at the Bab Al Shams Hotel, Dubai.1 comments
Night Time In the Desert1557 viewsAt night they put candles and torches around the reflecting pool at the Bab Al Shams resort in the Dubai desert.
Madinat Jumeriah Hotel Pool at Night175 views
Marjorie in the Lobby of the Madinat Jumeriah184 viewsChecking in to our villa in the Dar Al Masyaf.
Marjorie at the Madinat Souk183 viewsOur hotel had a cross between a modern shopping mall and an Arab traditional souk. Naturally, we had to go shopping. Marjorie stood still long enough at the entrance for me to take her photo. And then she was off.
Burj Al Arab Hotel183 viewsThe Burj Al Arab Hotel towering over the large swimming pool at the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel. There were more life guards per square inch at this pool than I'd ever seen.
Marjorie Sunbating in Dubai366 viewsSitting by the pool at the Dar Al Masyaf hotel in Dubai -- the palm trees reflected in her sunglasses.
Madinat Jumeriah Hotel Pool in the Daytime166 viewsNote the crowds! The life guards outnumbered the guests. The hotel seemed to have a life guard positioned every ten feet or so around the perimeter of this enormous swimming pool.
Reflecting Pool at the Madinat Jumeriah Hotel162 views
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