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TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim - Gold Medal Winners155 viewsPair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics 2006, Palavela, February 13 2006
Television Interviews at the Oval Lingotto148 viewsDuring the 500 Meter Men's Speed Sakting, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006
Chinese Fans Cheering the Pair Figure Skaters158 viewsPalavela, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006
Pair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics 2006151 viewsIn the Palavela, February 13 2006
Marjorie in Aosta181 viewsWe went up into the Vale of Aosta on our way back to Malpensa Airport in Milan. Marjorie saw some cute pyjamas in this store window, so I took her picture window-shopping. (The store was, of course, closed for three hours for lunch.)
SHEN Xue / ZHAO Hongbo - Pair Figure Skating130 viewsTorino Olympics 2006, February 13 2006. Bronze Medal Winners.
Before the Opening Ceremony - 2006 Winter Olympics133 viewsThe view from our seat at one end of the Stadio Olimpico, before the ceremonies began. In addition to the problems I had climbing to our seats, our view was obstructed by the large scaffolding -- and virtually all of the show took place at the other end of the Stadio.
Before the Opening Ceremony - 2006 Winter Olympics124 views
TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim - Russian Gold Medal Skaters139 viewsPair Figure Skating, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006 at the Palavela
ZHANG Dan / ZHANG Hao - Pair Figure Skating at Torino Olympics147 viewsAfter she was injured in a fall. She then completed the routine, and they went on to win the Silver Medal.
Pair Figure Skating - Medal Award Ceremony162 viewsAt the Palavela, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006
Winners Podium at the Torino Olympics - Pair Figure Skating2990 viewsFebruary 13 2006 at the Palavela: Gold TOTMIANINA Tatiana / MARININ Maxim RUS 135.84;
Silver ZHANG Dan / ZHANG Hao CHN 125.01; Bronze SHEN Xue / ZHAO Hongbo CHN 124.59.
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