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Sewage on Colletts Green Road385 viewsHigh rates, undersized sewers. We have complained about this for years, but get the old "budget" story. The sewers were probably fine until the housing estate was built. No increased resources were put into the sewer, so the water bubbles up on Colletts Green Road, and then flows away into the River Severn through the run-off system.
Looking Towards Bransford207 viewsColletts Green Road, looking towards Bransford. The water fountain in the middle of the road is the sewer. It flows from the sewer into the highway drainage, and then down into the River Severn. Fortunately the height of the road keeps it from coming onto our property.
Colletts Green Road336 viewsThe undersized sewers are again not up to the task. The water bubbles up, and then flows from the sewers into the highway run-off system. So sewage is escaping and going down into the River Severn. We have complained about this for 15 or more years, but nobody does anything about it. We installed our own mini sewage treatment plant so we weren't dependent upon the main sewers.
The Small Stream, from the Bridge213 viewsThis is normally just a muddy area in the garden. With the heavy rains, however, it became quite a quick flowing stream.
Our Little Dam, Working Full Time211 viewsPerhaps we should install a small hydroelectric plant?
The Back Stream, Whitecroft166 viewsThis is the small stream in the back of our house, separating Whitecroft from Maggot's Croft. Normally the stream is dry, or has a slight trickle. Not today....
Whitecroft Front Garden In The Rain176 viewsThe day before was sunny and warm, with blue skies. Welcome to England! This was photographed on July (yes, July) 20, 2007.
Our Little Dam4503 viewsThis is the first time I'd seen water actually go over the sides of the dam. Normally the water just goes through the lower portion in the middle. Fortunately our stream was able to take the water safely away from the house and garden.
Whitecroft Dam184 viewsDuring the heavy rain day, July 20 2007. Motorways closed, roads flooded, people stranded --- and our little dam working full time.
The Whitecroft "Canal" and Dam181 viewsWater flowing over the dam during the worst rains I'd seen in England.
Whitecroft Dam196 viewsI tried a flash photograph of the dam. The white specs are huge rain drops.
Whitecroft Stream181 viewsA flash photograph of the stream. The white spots are huge raindrops --- they give this photograph quite a strange feeling.
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