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A floral view in Stumpertenrod, Germany125 views
All that ancestor hunting has made me a thirsty bunny117 viewsTime for lunch. All of the villages were were looking at were very small with not much open so we stopped at hairdressers and asked where we could get food. We were directed to the village of Ulrichstein which actually had a couple of eateries.
Silently generating power149 viewsA windfarm we saw during our drive in Germany
Is this a sign?112 viewsAnother scenic view on our drive in Germany
More of those pesky visitors94 viewsThis house is next to the church in the village of Ulrichstein. There were cats EVERYWHERE!! Inside, outside and appearing in every window in this house
Imposing120 viewsThis is a schlosse (castle) in Romrod, Germany. We stopped here for a coffee break and saw that they were setting up for a medieval festival in the grounds of this castle
An aerial view of the castle in Romrod91 viewsThis castle is now a hotel. Different rooms are accessed by a glass lift and this walkway.
On the road in Germany - sunny, warm and dry - unlike the UK!!138 viewsA view on the drive from the village of Ulrichstein on our way to Koddigen
Very imposing117 viewsA broader view of the castle in Romrod, Germany
Basking in the sun96 views
21st Century meets medieval times111 viewsHere you can see the incongruous modern glass lift built into the side of the castle in Romrod
One of the castle's towers in Romrod107 views
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