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Rachel & Bella265 viewsThis is Bella's second hydrotherapy session. Her first one was her first experience of water - she is still a baby being only 9 months old - and was very unsure. And she was still unsure at the beginning of her second dip but as you can see from subsequent photos, she finally got the hang of it and had a good time.1 comments06/26/07 at 23:18Guest_Anon: the cuddle pic is so beautiful.
Jus' hanging around226 views1 comments05/31/07 at 19:41Guest_LAUREN-CHELCIE: lovely dogs
Look, Mommy, we're really well behaved244 views1 comments05/31/07 at 19:30Guest_Anon: gawjus
Jake and Sally Chasing the Ball246 views1 comments05/19/07 at 20:22Guest_Rachel: I miss Jake and Sally so much
Yum, yum, yum247 views1 comments04/18/07 at 22:47Guest_paula: lovely photos, lovely dog
See, I can smile257 views1 comments04/10/07 at 14:05Guest_her Aunty: she looks so happy having fun
I'm alert and ready for anything306 views1 comments04/10/07 at 14:02Guest_Anon: ah she looks happy
Daschunds8311 viewsThese two minature daschunds --- Kitty and Freida --- visited us for a few days over Christmas.18 comments03/21/07 at 22:09Guest_sunshine: they're sooo cute they look just like my dog,N...
Hey look, I'm a race horse258 views1 comments03/16/07 at 13:30Guest_Pete: I'm a kangeroo!
My gallery of funny faces271 views2 comments03/13/07 at 22:36Guest_hannah: its jassy he is soooooo CUITE
My gallery of funny faces271 views2 comments02/20/07 at 11:44Guest_Steph&Hannah: Dasssssssssssssssssy!!!!
Paulo on His Walk396 viewsPaulo on King's End Lane, March 19 20052 comments02/20/07 at 02:12Guest_Pauline: oh sooooooooo cute i love shepherds
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