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Tapa In His Santa Hat1632 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree at Lucies Farm, 20065 comments01/21/07 at 21:03xtreme: Love the santa bull
Playing - 2423 views1 comments01/19/07 at 09:41Guest_Ksenija: ....that is soooo sweeet.....!!!!!
Joe With The Rat --- Up Close and Personal637 viewsYes, we took the rat away from Joe. But not before we snapped this quick picture to e-mail to Joe's owner on vacation in South Africa...!1 comments01/19/07 at 09:38Guest_Ksenija: Oh my god!!!!That's scary!!!
Two Shots of Joe619 viewsHow could you not want to give him a pat and a cuddle --- and a cookie?2 comments01/19/07 at 09:35Guest_Ksenija: OOooohhhh....helloooooo....
An afternoon nap262 views1 comments01/17/07 at 16:52Guest_anon: Aww My Dream Doggy
Cookie Having a Mooch234 views1 comments01/17/07 at 16:36Guest_Jo!: AWWWWWWW!!!!!
Two Shots of Joe619 viewsHow could you not want to give him a pat and a cuddle --- and a cookie?2 comments01/17/07 at 16:29Guest_Jo!: Awwww how sweet he is gorgeous
Sasha in His Cubby266 viewsEnjoying a home-cooked bone as an after-dinner treat.2 comments01/17/07 at 11:08Guest_Ksenija: ...he looks so sweet in his cubby,feel like huggin...
Sasha Posing for the Camera225 viewsI wonder if someone is holding a cookie just out of sight of the camera?1 comments01/17/07 at 11:03Guest_Ksenija: ...oh dear,I wonder myself....
Sasha198 viewsLooking up, towards the cookie.1 comments01/17/07 at 10:13Guest_Ksenija: ...Will do anything for Scooby-Doo... :-...
Sasha212 viewsIn the front garden at Whitecroft.1 comments01/17/07 at 10:10Guest_Ksenija: ...and like always he looks amazing.. ...
Sasha234 viewsLooking proud.1 comments01/17/07 at 10:07Guest_Ksenija: ...yes,he's looking sweet baby ...
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