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Honolulu Airport - Coming or Going?246 viewsI think this is 1998 in Honolulu, at the Honolulu Airport. Chase, John and Nysa Bushby, Cathy and Marjorie. Coming or going?1 comments11/09/05 at 23:51Chase: Going
It's mine, no it's mine!111 views1 comments11/07/05 at 19:31jake and rio's owner: its nice to see that my dogs are in good hands and...
Rio taking time out134 viewsRio is a 5 month old Springer Spaniel who just loved running around playing with all the autumnal fall but being a puppy he needed to take a rest now and then.1 comments11/07/05 at 19:24jake and rio's owner: nice to see that my dogs are enjoying them sel...
432 views2 comments11/06/05 at 14:36gg: this cats going for a ride weeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Buddy, Holly & Branston at cookie time89 views1 comments11/04/05 at 01:30Missy's Mom: what a fantastic photo!
Ronan Having A Swim290 views2 comments10/28/05 at 17:01Anon: how cute!
Joe Bites the Tail643 viewsHere's an interesting trick --- bite the other dog's tail.1 comments10/27/05 at 13:33stace: awwww bless
The Kune Kune Princess2847 viewsChase's pig -- a cross between a Kune Kune (hence the wattles) and a Gloucester Old Spot (hence the spots). Not the prettiest pig in the patch, but to the enthusiastic young Berkshire boar, seen part way up her back, she's the personification of pulchritude.3 comments10/27/05 at 03:00Chase: Awww- c'mon- she's beautiful!
Ted4251 views3 comments10/25/05 at 12:13frazer: awww
Tess Finds The Canal455 viewsTess managed to toss her ball (deliberately, we think) into our small, shallow canal. What's a dog to do when that happens? Jump, of course!1 comments10/24/05 at 17:55Anon:
Kiko & Tapa Playing1700 viewsKiko & Tapa playing, January 25 20044 comments10/22/05 at 15:01Craig Walsh: Yes, this is a photo of Kiko and Tapa. They're ou...
Kiko & Tapa Playing1700 viewsKiko & Tapa playing, January 25 20044 comments10/22/05 at 14:34Anon: Your dogs are sooooo cute (if they are yours) im j...
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