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Slipper1823 viewsSquinting a bit in the late summer sunshine --- and with a massive tongue.1 comments10/02/05 at 23:46Lord & Lady Mott: Aaah Slipper looking cute!
"I Didn't Know Pigs Could Swim."3880 viewsI was given a book called The Ubiquitous Pig by my father in 1993. In this book is an underwater photograph of a pig and a lady swimming by Garry Winogrand taken at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Here's our own version, with Barbara and a Tamworth.3 comments10/01/05 at 10:51Barabar:
Joanie3959 views1 comments09/28/05 at 22:35Anon:
Missy Licking Her Chops77 viewsWe use cookies to encourage our doggie guests to pose for the camera. Missy is licking her chops after having a bit of cookie -- and waiting for the next piece.1 comments09/24/05 at 00:42Missy's Mom: She loves getting her photo taken!
Missy62 views1 comments09/24/05 at 00:42Missy's Mom: It's the little girl!!!
Ronan and Missy77 viewsThe Rottweilers.1 comments09/24/05 at 00:40Missy's Mom: Awwwww!!!
Missy288 viewsVery laid back. Once she realised she wasn't going to drown (!!) she was happy to float and take it easy. The gentle current in the pool got her to paddle, but not overdo it.1 comments09/20/05 at 00:33Missy's Mom: Doesn't she look pretty in her lifejacket? ...
Missy In The Zone252 viewsMissy found today's swim very relaxing. Perhaps it was Marjorie's soothing voice. Eyes half-closed, and a little bit of doggie drool.1 comments09/20/05 at 00:31Missy's Mom: We've never seen her so relaxed!!
Ronan289 viewsThe water always magnifies things --- look at the size of Ronan's right front paw underwater.1 comments09/20/05 at 00:29Ronan's Mom: His paw really is that big!!!
Ronan Having A Swim292 views2 comments09/20/05 at 00:27Ronan's Mom: Yay for Ronan!!
Tess1983 views1 comments09/16/05 at 20:25Anon: i would love her to be my dog ...
Vic and Ronan Playing -- Missy Uninterested134 viewsAfter playing a bit of catch, Vic kneeled on the lawn. Missy promptly sat behind him, and Ronan sat on Vic. Quite a lap dog!2 comments09/16/05 at 20:24Anon: ar
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