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Pretzelle112 views1 comments09/16/05 at 20:24Anon: cute
Ronan502 viewsRonan the Rottweiler2 comments09/16/05 at 20:23Anon: very lovely :
Vic and Ronan Playing -- Missy Uninterested191 viewsAfter playing a bit of catch, Vic kneeled on the lawn. Missy promptly sat behind him, and Ronan sat on Vic. Quite a lap dog!2 comments09/15/05 at 23:47Missy's Mom: Looks like they've fallen in love with Vic!
Missy175 views1 comments09/15/05 at 23:46Missy's Mom: She's our little girl!!
Missy250 viewsWith a great, big smile.1 comments09/15/05 at 23:45Missy's Mom: It's the prettiest girl in the world!!
Ronan502 viewsRonan the Rottweiler2 comments09/15/05 at 23:43Ronan's Mom: The most handsome boy in the world!!
Ronan328 views1 comments09/14/05 at 22:26Ronan's Mom: That's my boy!! Kick those legs!!
Ronan Coming Up The Ramp469 viewsThe gently inclined PetRamp has a non-skid surface, but it takes doggies a couple of tries to feel comfortable with it.1 comments09/14/05 at 22:24Ronan's Mom: What a handsome boy!
Missy477 viewsAlmost chewing the water. A pleasant pastime on a late summer afternoon in sunny Worcestershire.1 comments09/14/05 at 22:20Missy's Mom: Great to see the little girl enjoying herself!
Harvey Cooling Off160 views1 comments08/30/05 at 15:55Sarah & Le: Hi Craig & Marjorie ! Harv looks like he is really...
Pickle194 views1 comments08/28/05 at 16:36Caroline: That's my girl!
Daschunds8314 viewsThese two minature daschunds --- Kitty and Freida --- visited us for a few days over Christmas.18 comments08/27/05 at 20:46kat: sooo cute.. im jealous!
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