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Honolulu Airport - Departure332 viewsLooks like Nyssa, Cathy, and Chase (blocked by wave) are heading back to the U.K. --- I think this is 1998 or early 1999.1 comments06/03/05 at 06:44Chase: Early 1999.
Tenbury Wells - Let Us Do Your Ironing4509 viewsThis sign made me chuckle. It was in the window of a cluttered, dusty shop. And the sign itself looked like it needed a good ironing.1 comments05/21/05 at 02:27judy: oh, if only they lived closer, my dishes loo...
Tenbury Wells Pump Room407 viewsWe were surprised at how small this building really is. Inside (to our disappointment) it had Malvern Hills District Council offices: some bureaucrats getting ready for a planning meeting. We'd hoped for little waitresses serving sandwiches where the crust had been cut off.1 comments05/21/05 at 02:23judy j: it may be small, but by gawd it is cute!!
Ted4539 views3 comments05/19/05 at 21:57Jane: Very content looking dogs
Duckling922 views3 comments04/26/05 at 19:23Nat: Aaaaaaw ... I love ducks!
Maisy Enjoying The Sunshine307 views1 comments04/11/05 at 12:02Jane Moran: Maisy loves the Sun, like her MUM !!!!!!
Duckling922 views3 comments03/30/05 at 09:59Jean Seyffer: Nice looking duckling
Marjorie and Cranberry483 viewsWe hatched Cranberry ourselves last summer. When the other turkeys came (we bought them from a hatchery) Cranberry looked horrified. After a few weeks she became friends with them, but at Christmas they went away, one at a time. Cranberry looked so lonely, so we bought her 10 friends. But she seems to prefer our company to that of the other turkeys. She comes running after us, and then crouches down to be rubbed.1 comments03/30/05 at 09:58Jean Seyffer: Nice looking turkey
Marjorie and the Black Rocks827 viewsGood Friday morning, 2004. The Black Rocks are always pleased with the kitchen scraps that Marjorie brings them each morning.3 comments03/30/05 at 09:57Jean Seyffer: Great Picture of you Marjorie and the chickens
Marjorie Walking Cookie and Paulo376 viewsI asked Marjorie to hold both dogs for a moment while I climbed the small bank on the side of the road to photograph our cattle grazing. As I turned around, I thought a photo of Marjorie holding Cookie and Paulo was worth snapping.1 comments03/28/05 at 23:32katie: i think cookie is cute i bet paulo likes her! :lol...
Paulo after Breakfast199 viewsIs that a bit of scrambled egg on your nose, Paulo?1 comments03/27/05 at 15:02paulo's owner katie: i think you take really good care of him! :lo...
Paulo on His Walk410 viewsPaulo on King's End Lane, March 19 20052 comments03/19/05 at 19:28katie: so cute!
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