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........ doin' wot comes naturally ..........1044 viewsAug 12, 2008
.......... grazing!!498 viewsAug 12, 2008
We're jus' busy ..........478 viewsAug 12, 2008
Craig and Chase Awarding the Lucies Farm Trophy300 viewsWe donated a trophy, made by silversmith Martyn Pugh using Highland horn, to the Three Counties Show in Malvern. The trophy is awarded to the best Highland cattle. Chase and I present it for the first time.May 26, 2008
Panting Highland Cow1941 viewsApr 04, 2008
Panting Highland Steer201 viewsIt was hot, and Hamish ran all around the new field.Apr 04, 2008
Panting Highland Steer - Hamish712 viewsApr 04, 2008
Panting Highland Cow132 viewsI've never seen Highland cattle pant before. There was plenty of water in the two troughs, but they decided to pant instead.Apr 04, 2008
Balamory -- Exhausted by Ross137 viewsIt was a warm afternoon and this young Highland heifer was just moved up to the field near the house. Ross, the older bull, ran her all around the field --- and she was panting at the end of the unsuccessful courtship ritual.Apr 04, 2008
Balamory Panting in the Heat138 viewsApr 04, 2008
I'm Hot!147 viewsThis Highland heifer (Balamory) was so hot --- after Ross chased her around the field --- that she was panting.Apr 04, 2008
Two New Highland Cattle144 viewsRaised by Jim Mercer of Little Clevelode. The steer Hamish (UK164609-600055) in the foreground and the heifer Balamory (UK311538-300001) in the background.Apr 04, 2008
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