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A view of the outer driveway with the Godwins' garage128 viewsThe photograph shows how the conifer hedge (on the right, just past the garage) overhangs our property.Oct 08, 2009
......... and this and I'm smiling for the camera182 viewsRoss with another "Smile!" sign, required by the Data Protection Act. This is the new fence on the northern boundary of Maggot's Croft.Oct 08, 2009
A view of the outer driveway with the Godwins' garage140 viewsOct 08, 2009
And this is my handiwork ..........156 viewsRoss putting up the "Smile! You're on CCTV" sign required by the Data Protection Act.Oct 08, 2009
A view of the Godwins' house123 viewsOct 08, 2009
Barney Napping124 viewsBarney at rest with Marjorie on the couch in our "dog lounge."Aug 30, 2009
Front Door of The Cider Mill - 21 Colletts Green Road116 viewsThis photograph, taken from our track, illustrates how little land is owned by The Cider Mill. This is the front door of the house, on its eastern side. Our deeds (recorded at Land Registry) show that we own the area in gravel, at the bottom of this photograph. So our neighbours come out of their flower-bedecked front door and within a pace are on our land.Aug 22, 2009
View of Northern Boundary of Maggot's Croft138 viewsThis view, from Geoffrey Grizzell's field looking to the south, shows the northern boundary of Maggot's Croft. Our new wooden fence is shown beneath the second (smaller) oak tree.Aug 22, 2009
Overhanging Hedges87 viewsThis photograph was taken from the front of Sandpits Farm, looking towards the west along Colletts Green Road. The yellow vertical line indicates the property line (as best we can tell), so the hedges and trees are blocking the small verge.Aug 22, 2009
Our New Fence91 viewsThe completed wooden fence at the back of Maggot's Croft.Aug 22, 2009
Overhanging Shrubs97 viewsOverhanging shrubs at the front of the Cider Mill, Colletts Green Road, Powick. The vertical yellow line shows the property line. The verge is completely gone -- and the shrubs are overhanging the road surface itself.Aug 22, 2009
Wooden Fence at Maggot's Croft109 viewsLooking to the south-west. Constructed by Nigel Roberts from Albion Fencing, and with the kind assistance of Geoffrey Grizzell who let us into his field to do the work.Aug 22, 2009
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