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The New Fence200 viewsAt the back (north) of Maggot's Croft. This fence was installed to close the gap in the hedge. Nigel Roberts from Albion Fencing did a great job, with very little advance notice.Aug 22, 2009
The Cider Mill, Colletts Green, Powick, Worcester3439 viewsA photo (looking north, across Colletts Green Road) of the shrubs in front of the Cider Mill. These are overhanging the narrow road, and scratch our car if we are coming from the west (left) and there's ongoing traffic.Aug 22, 2009
Colletts Green Road - Powick122 viewsA photo from the top of our track looking west, towards Bransford/Hereford, on Colletts Green Road.Aug 22, 2009
Field to the North of Maggot's Croft115 viewsA beautiful summer day. This is the Grizzell field immediately to the north of Maggot's Croft (behind the hedge and oak trees).Aug 22, 2009
OUr New Fence -- In Context126 viewsShowing our new wooden fence beneath our oak tree. It closes a gap in our hedge. We think the hedgerow didn't grow in this area because it had apparently once been a pond --- so possibly filled with rubble, as seems to often be the case.Aug 22, 2009
The Whitecroft Pond3936 viewsA "Monet Day" (okay, the swans killed all of the water lillies) at Whitecroft, overlooking our private quarter-acre pond at the top of the garden.Aug 22, 2009
The Cider Mill and Our Track153 viewsOur track is the gravel area to the right (east) of The Cider Mill. As is shown, the house has essentially no land on its eastern side, except for a small brick path about three feet wide. Our post-and-rail fence is on the right of this photograph.Aug 22, 2009
Colletts Green Road100 viewsMore deteriorating road repairs from the distant past.Aug 22, 2009
Front Hedge at Whitecroft166 viewsThere's a hole in the road near our hedge, and in the winter it fills with salt water. That splashes on the hedge, and has killed the lower branches. We've installed a small gate her to give us access to the pond area and uppermost part of the garden.Aug 22, 2009
Overhanging Hedge113 viewsPhotographed from our track, showing how the hedge at the back garden of The Cider Mill overhangs our property.Aug 22, 2009
Colletts Green Road - Damages134 viewsI took these photos for the Worcestershire County Council. There are numerous patches in the road in front of our home, and they are just getting worse. I know they have finite resources -- but it would be nice if they would do some more patching if they can't do a complete re-surfacing.Aug 22, 2009
View Up The Track - North233 viewsLooking north up the track (and public footpath 578). The Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort is on the right (east). Our boundary line is to the left of this photograph -- not visible. I took a photograph from the same spot, with me turned around 180 degrees.Aug 22, 2009
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