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Scottish | Kobe Beef Teriyaki Steak Sandwich15378 viewsScottish | Kobe beef, cut 8mm thick, marinated in teriyaki sauce, and cooked briefly on the barbeque. Served with some fresh tomatoes, and on a fresh roll.Jun 23, 2007
Scottish | Kobe Teriyaki Steak with Rice and Soy Beans563 viewsMade with Scottish | Kobe beef cut 8mm thick. Marinated in teriyaki sauce, and then cooked quickly on the grill.Jun 23, 2007
Yummy!560 viewsScottish-kobe beef cut sukiyaki style BBQ-ing Apr 29, 2006
Scottish | Kobe Feather Steak362 viewsCoooked medium rare, with some fresh corn on the cob with a pat of Alderney Island butter (from Guernsey cows) and a fresh salad.Oct 28, 2005
Scottish | Kobe Rump Steak399 viewsCooked with a pat of Alderney Island butter (from Guernsey cows), a baked potato with fresh chives, and some snap peas.Oct 28, 2005
Top Rump Roast419 viewsThis delicious medium-rare piece of cold roast beef (with some freshly ground salt) is Scottish | Kobe top rump roast. Marjorie cooked it at a low temperature for a long time, using her trusty meat thermometer. A bit of green salad, some red potato salad --- and I'm a happy camper. I love taking these photographs, as I then get to eat the props.Sep 09, 2005
Rull Balletcruz B012, our Aberdeen Angus Bull573 viewsThe folks who sold us Rull Balletcruz B012, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Jones, had a healthy respect for him. He looks quite menacing from this viewpoint, but I don't think he liked my camera. He was busy eating and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon at Lucies Farm.Jul 31, 2005
Rull Balletcruz B012 - Aberdeen Angus Bull298 viewsEnjoying his Sunday lunch, July 31 2005, Lucies Farm four acre fieldJul 31, 2005
Vic Scott and Andy Baddeley Massaging the Aberdeen Angus Steer293 viewsJun 11, 2005
Vic Scott & Andy Baddeley Massaging Aberdeen Angus Steer308 viewsIt is thought that the regular massaging helps to marble the fat, and tenderise the beef. It also relaxes the steer.Jun 11, 2005
Vic Scott Massaging Aberdeen Angus Steer322 viewsJun 11, 2005
Vic Scott Massaging an Aberdeen Angus Steer4595 viewsThe cattle stand still when they're being massaged, and often lean into the massager. They are weighed and massaged after they've had their beer and grain, so are quite merry anyway.Jun 11, 2005
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