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Last additions - Tamworth & Berkshire Pigs
Giving the Piglet Flea/Tick Treatment425 viewsGrzegorz Bednarski and Richard Chamings treating one of the little Berkshire piglets rejected by its mother.Aug 03, 2007
Grzegorz and Richard With the Little Berkshire Piglets318 viewsThe piglets were abandoned by their mother, so Grzegorz and Julita are hand-rearing them. One needed some antibiotics from Richard Chamings at Chamings & Carman.Aug 03, 2007
Big Needle, Little Berkshire Pig150 viewsRichard Chamings giving the little Berkshire piglet an antibiotic injection.Aug 03, 2007
Grzegorz With Berkshire Piglet154 viewsAt the White House Veterinary Surgery in Malvern.Aug 03, 2007
Richard Chamings Taking the Piglet's Temperature237 viewsWith Grzegorz not watching. At the White House Veterinary Surgery.Aug 03, 2007
Double cute166 viewsAug 01, 2007
Aw, cute268 viewsThe latest batch of Berkshire piglets had trouble feeding; either their mother wasn't bothered or her previous litter were pushing the little ones out of the way. Fortunately, we have two veterinary students working here for the summer so they have been hand rearing the littlies. Sadly, we lost 3 but the other 3 are doing well.Aug 01, 2007
A Tamworth - Berkshire Cross Pig1264 viewsWhoops. How did that happen?Jun 03, 2007
Berkshire Pigs104 viewsThe piglet was eager to get out of the small pool as a larger Berkshire pig stands guard.Jun 03, 2007
Berkshire Piglet and a Tamworth - Berkshire Cross128 viewsJun 03, 2007
Berkshire Piglet Having A Swim116 viewsA rather short swim . . .Jun 03, 2007
Tamworth and Berkshire Piglets107 viewsJun 03, 2007
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