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Last additions - Tamworth & Berkshire Pigs
Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets3547 viewsThe Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot piglets ready to go to their new home in the Cotswolds. We brought them into the stable to give them a bath, and put them on some fresh straw, before their trip to their new home.Feb 08, 2007
Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets526 viewsA bit of a tight squeeze.Feb 08, 2007
Gloucester Old Spot Pigs197 viewsThe two Gloucester Old Spot sows, and their piglets, in their new, warm home in the Cotswolds.Feb 08, 2007
The Pigs' New Home199 viewsHere are the pigs in their warm new home in the Cotswolds.Feb 08, 2007
Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets723 viewsWe were sent some nice photos of the piglets at their new home in the Cotswolds. That's snow in the foreground.Feb 08, 2007
Gloucester Old Spot Sow166 viewsFeb 04, 2007
Gloucester Old Spot - Tamworth Piglets173 viewsFeb 04, 2007
Gloucester Old Spot Sow156 viewsFeb 04, 2007
Gloucester Old Spot Sow538 viewsGregorz brought her into the stable yard on this sunny (and warm) winter day to give her a good bath --- and a one-hour break from her piglets. She enjoyed the break, but was then happy to go back.Feb 04, 2007
Gloucester Old Spot Sow180 viewsWhat's she doing here? She was brought here to become impregnated by one of our Tamworth boars --- but then the owner never came to pick her up. We are now looking for a good home for this GOS sow, and her piglets. When this sow arrived she had the large, healed gash in her right ear. (It actually lets her see a little bit!)Feb 04, 2007
Feeding176 viewsGloucester Old Spot sow and GOS/Tamworth piglets, from two litters.Feb 04, 2007
A Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglet191 viewsWith GOS markings and the floppy ears.Feb 04, 2007
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