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If I muck out I can stay out of the cold!225 viewsApr 19, 2008
At least the water isn't frozen107 viewsApr 19, 2008
Ah, so Christmassy - pity it's April!!89 viewsApr 19, 2008
Alpaca Beneath A Pear Tree84 viewsThe pear tree is in blossom on a warm spring day. At one time the pears grown in this orchard (only a few trees remain) were then made into cider in the old Cider Mill at the base of our driveway.Apr 04, 2008
The Alpacas in Maggot's Croft109 viewsMaggot's Croft (great name) was once a pear orchard. There are a few old pear trees left --- the produce inedible pears. Out two alpacas beneath the pear tree blossoms of spring.Apr 04, 2008
Relaxing Alpacas537 viewsApr 04, 2008
One Of Our Two Alpacas94 viewsApr 04, 2008
Belinda With Joseph, "Her" Berkshire Pig92 viewsBelinda, our Guernsey house cow, has adopted Joseph the pig and treats him as her calf. She stands guard over him, and follows him everywhere. He treats Belinda a bit like his mother, and even (on occasion) nurses from her.Apr 04, 2008
Belinda on the Prowl91 viewsApr 04, 2008
The Lucies Farm Greenhouse at Sunset108 viewsNo plants in the greenhouse --- now mainly used for drying the dog beds, vet bedding, etc.Mar 26, 2008
Belinda - Our House Cow143 viewsBelinda is a Guernsey cow. She's milked, by hand, each day to provide milk for us and for the dog resort. She's heavily pregnant --- due anytime soon --- so the milk has dried up as she puts all of her reserves into her calf.Mar 26, 2008
Australian (and American) Flags Fly Over Lucies Farm125 viewsBen's family just sent him an Australian flag, so up it went on one of the three flag poles by the dog resort. The American flag was already there. The British flag that we had deteriorated in the British weather. That's a pig weather vane in the foreground.Mar 26, 2008
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