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Going well110 viewsOct 11, 2008
Catching alight128 viewsOct 11, 2008
Grabbing hold119 viewsOct 11, 2008
This was the home that was - to many130 viewsOct 11, 2008
The Caravan from the Stable Yard163 viewsA view of the caravan, in the process of being dismantled, from the stable yard.Sep 08, 2008
Last Days of the Caravan157 viewsPaul Doyle's crew are dismantling the caravan and pruning the hedge near the stable yard. A busy day --- and (fortunately) no rain.Sep 08, 2008
Stable Yard With Newly Topped Hedge161 viewsThe Leylandii hedge near the southern edge of the stable yard has been trimmed, bringing more light into the area. Now if only we had some sunshine!Sep 08, 2008
Ballymora - With Elvis in the Background152 viewsBallymora is curious -- with little Elvis over her shoulder.Sep 08, 2008
Death of the Caravan570 viewsWe purchased the caravan in 2005 when folks wouldn't rent accommadation to our Polish colleagues. Our miserable neighbors immediately complained to the District Council. The enforcement officer intially said the caravan was fine, and then the Council changed its mind. Rather than take the caravan back down our narrow track, we decided to give it a proper funeral.Sep 08, 2008
Side View of the Caravan140 viewsWe have good memories of the caravan, but it's served its purpose and it will be nice to have more of our stable yard back again.Sep 08, 2008
Newly Trimmed Hedge218 viewsPaul Doyle and his crew just pruned the top off our Leylandii hedge, bringing more light into the stable yard.Sep 08, 2008
The Caravan Interior - Saying Goodbye158 viewsDismantling the interior of the caravan -- it was impossible for us to find a way to get it back down our narrow track.Sep 08, 2008
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