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Last additions - Wild Boar
Richard Chamings (right) and Big and The Wild Boar435 viewsOur newly-arrived wild boar has a prolapse, possibly from all the rich, new grass at his new home. Here Big (left) and our vet, Richard Chamings operate on the boar's rear. Tranquilising a wild boar proved to be quite a challenge: he just didn't want to lie down.Aug 21, 2005
Wild Sow Sleeping in the Tall Grass348 viewsLooks more like the African jungle than sunny Worcestershire. The wild boar wrap themselves in tall grass, and almost make a nest for themselves.Aug 15, 2005
Wild Boar357 viewsLooking quite content in the tall grass.Aug 15, 2005
Wild Boar's Snout7787 viewsLook at the length of his snout -- almost longer than his body.Aug 15, 2005
Our Newest Addition - Wild Boar1262 viewsHaving obtained our License to Keep Dangerous Wild Animals from the Malvern Hills District Council, we have just purchased a wild boar, sow, and four wild piglets from Cleeve House Farm. Here's the boar as he took his first prowl around his field. Aug 13, 2005
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