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Last additions - Wild Boar
Wild Boar at Lucies Farm68 viewsMar 26, 2008
Wild Boar Having a Prowl86 viewsMar 26, 2008
Wild Boar on the Prowl at Lucies Farm165 viewsMoving from one paddock to the next.Mar 26, 2008
Wild Boar Moving from One Paddock to the Next450 viewsMar 26, 2008
Wild Boar Moving from One Paddock to the Next97 viewsThe clay fields have largely dried out. The one remaining "soggy" place is at the gate between the two paddocks. We are in the process of putting straw and wood chips in this area to complete the drying process.Mar 26, 2008
Wild Boar and Arcs in One of the Fields79 viewsThey've really managed to dig up the field --- it previously had grass about two feet tall.Mar 26, 2008
Curious Wild Boar Looking For Their Next Meal98 viewsMar 26, 2008
Wild Boar with Large Tusks130 viewsOur "senior male" at Lucies Farm, proudly showing off his tusks.Mar 26, 2008
Senior Male With Fine Tusks7030 viewsAccording to UNESCO, "In Vanuatu, items such as boar tusks and stringed shell money are traditional forms of wealth. They have both cultural and economic importance, highly valued for their exchange value and social prestige." The boar's tusk is even prominent on the flag of Vanuatu. This boar, however, is in sunny Worcestershire.Mar 26, 2008
Four Little Piggies95 viewsJan 26, 2008
Hard Core in the Second Paddock85 viewsLooking back (to the West) from the third paddock at Maggot's Croft.Jan 26, 2008
Three pig arcs113 viewsA project not quite finished. The hard core needs to be compacted on Monday to keep the wild boar from just messing it up. The hard core is quite thick, and very porous. The rain water should drain away --- which it doesn't do with clay.Jan 26, 2008
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