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Last additions - The Tank -- Looking Above and Below
Hope the pig is performing!4542 viewsAlun Beach filming the swimming Kurobuta pig for BBC Countryfile. Alun is in the floating tank, so he can take "over-under" shots.Nov 08, 2006
Setting up147 viewsGetting the tank ready for a photo shoot for "The Independent"Nov 03, 2006
I need a helping hand - this is tiring180 viewsNov 03, 2006
And she's off!146 viewsNov 03, 2006
Magic!177 viewsA disembodied photo of the pig taken from the under/over tankNov 03, 2006
Milan "Aiming" The Tank at the Berkshire Pig124 viewsThe large tank floats in the water, and is "aimed" by two of our farm colleages. This Berkshire pig swam right up to the tank itself for her close up.Oct 20, 2006
Aiming The Tank216 viewsMilan and Gregorz "aim" Sam Stephenson from Newsteam (in the tank) in the direction of the swimming Berkshire pig. Sam was here to take photographs for an article in the Independent newspaper.2 commentsOct 20, 2006
Gregorz With The Berkshire Pig124 views"I'm ready for my close-up." Milan and Marjorie "aim" the floating tank so that Sam Stephenson can take some photographs for the Independent newspaper. Gregorz is holding the Berkshire pig.Oct 20, 2006
Sam Doing an "Over/Under" Shot -- We Hope152 viewsMilan and Marjorie "aiming" the floating tank, with Sam inside, in the direction of Gregorz and the swimming Berkshire pig.Oct 20, 2006
See, I've got the hang of it131 viewsSep 20, 2006
Look I can do this on my own, OK?!116 viewsSep 20, 2006
Look at our long legs125 viewsSep 20, 2006
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