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Last additions - Photokina 2008
An infra red view of our ferry home from Germany277 viewsSep 30, 2008
More coffe with an infra red view151 viewsSep 30, 2008
An infra red view of the White Cliffs of Dover202 viewsSep 30, 2008
An infra red view of the cathedral in Cologne142 viewsSep 30, 2008
Another view of the windmill farm in Germany taken with the infra red camera744 viewsSep 30, 2008
A warm, sunny day looking like snow courtesy of infra red121 viewsAn infra red view of the windmills on our drive in GermanySep 30, 2008
Dig infra red99 viewsNo, it's not snow - it's an infra red photoSep 30, 2008
Homeward bound117 viewsSlooooooooooooow on the M25. This was an horrific accident on the other side of the motorway - hence the gawpers on the bridge. One car smashed on its roof and the other lodged into the barrier on the hard shoulder. But, as usual, our side was slow for rubber neckers.Sep 30, 2008
Aaah, home121 viewsSep 30, 2008
Bliss - 2 uninterrupted hours to read the paper115 viewsSep 30, 2008
At last, an English newspaper186 viewsAboard the Norfolk Line on our way from Dunkirk to Dover. We really tried hard to make the noon sailing but an overturned truck not far from Dunkirk lost us valuable time and it wasn't even on our side of the road. They rubber neck everywhere!!Sep 30, 2008
Wot, Fanta - where's my husband??102 viewsMe taking, yet another, coffee break. We decided to fill up with petrol before we left Belgium so that we didn't have to do it in France or the UK.Sep 30, 2008
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