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Marjorie in London321 viewsJan 26, 2004
Marjorie in a hotel room in London364 viewsI don't even remember why we went to London, but the hotel room was very, very white.Jan 26, 2004
Marjorie and Sarah320 viewsMarjorie and Sarah at The Feathers, Ledbury, before Sarah's return to Australia (again)Jan 26, 2004
Big Poi Truck - 1web.jpg
Other side of Big Poi Truck373 viewsWe had different pictures on the two sides of the truck, so it looked like it was two trucks.Jan 26, 2004
Poi Truck 1.jpg
Big Poi Truck392 viewsJan 26, 2004
The peeling room752 viewsWhat did they do in this room anyway?Jan 26, 2004
Blodgett Oven1085 viewsMany a poi dog biscuit and poi cheesecake cooked here.Jan 26, 2004
The red door1092 viewsI read somewhere that a red door brings good luck. In our case, the red door attracted red ink.Jan 26, 2004
Miscellaneous Poi Stuff1175 viewsJan 26, 2004
Our maneki nekko722 viewsThe cat, when facing the door, should bring good luck and good fortune. Well, so much for that theory. This one certainly didn't work.Jan 26, 2004
Receptionist's Desk1268 viewsRemember the hours Sophie spent here?1 commentsJan 26, 2004
2nd Floor Office619 viewsI think I spent about two hours a week trying to keep this a/c working.Jan 26, 2004
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