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Log Pile355 viewsI wish I could say that this log pile is outside our house. This is our goal. We seem, however, to always have a pile of logs in a black plastic bin.Jan 26, 2004
ESO Concert - Eastnor Castle509 viewsMarjorie and I enjoyed the outdoor ESO concert at Eastnor Castle. Our favorite part was buying this lantern. We managed to get it home, and only recently broke it.Jan 26, 2004
Marjorie has had enough752 viewsMarjorie certainly did not enjoy her ten days in the Worcester Royal Infirmary. I think she want out....Jan 26, 2004
Kiko's Face1550 viewsThis is really an awful photogaph of Kiko, taken with my tiny cell phone camera in a darkened hotel room. But it has a rather creepy feel to it that we wanted to share.Jan 26, 2004
Marjorie in Marks & Spencer651 viewsMarjorie in the Egoboost department of Marks & Spencer.Jan 26, 2004
Craig's Excellent Hat654 viewsWe went shopping at the new Selfridge's in Birmingham. Fortunately, the only part of his hat I took home was this picture, snapped with my cell phone camera.Jan 26, 2004
David and Peter Wilesmith with Marjorie967 viewsJan 26, 2004
craig and dogs - Torquay.jpg
Enjoying the Imperial Hotel, Torquay4602 viewsI believe it's great to travel with the dogs. Here we all are, enjoying our ocean front room at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay. September 2003Jan 26, 2004
Lucies Farm Street Sign501 viewsOur new yellow sign in front of the farm. Visitors are always welcome.Jan 26, 2004
Marjorie in Hospital.JPG
Marjorie with Pneumonia1219 viewsMarjorie enjoying a toot of pure oxygen in the Worcester Royal Infirmary1 commentsJan 26, 2004
Lionfish664 viewsOur poor lionfish just stopped eating. It was as though he went blind. And then he expired. His grave is near the Whitecroft pond.Jan 26, 2004
Marjorie with Pneumonia855 viewsIn early 2003 Marjorie had a bad bout of pneumonia. Here she's prowling the corridors of the Worcester Royal Infirmary with the physical therapist.Jan 26, 2004
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