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Bonnie loves bubble bath bubbles.jpg
Bonnie with bubbles from bubble bath275 viewsBonnie eating more of the bubbles created from bubble bath, she loves them but does not like soap.Jul 04, 2005
Bonnie with bath bubbles.jpg
Bonnie and bubble bath bubbles224 views Bonnie just loves the bubbles created from bubble bath, she eats the bubbles for some obscure reason.Jul 04, 2005
Chase & Melanie party July 2 2005.jpg
Chase and friend at party373 viewsChase and one of her Hash friends at the 30th and housewarming party July 2 2005Jul 04, 2005
Jan and friends at party July 2 2005.jpg
Chase & Brett's party July 2 2005277 viewsJan (Brett's Mum) with Chase's friends at party to celebrate Chase's 30th birthday and Chase and Brett's housewarming. (July 2 2005)Jul 04, 2005
Walkers on Bridge 1 Sydney Mch 2005.jpg
Walkers on Sydney Harbour Bridge March 2005307 viewsIf you look closely enough you can see the walkers on the bridge. The walk is a wonderful experience that every one should attempt March 2005Jun 13, 2005
Tapa in Lords Wood April 2005.jpg
Tapa in Lords Wood225 viewsTapa having a wonderful time in Lords Wood in April 2005Jun 13, 2005
Park Sydney Mch 2005.jpg
Birds in park in Sydney195 viewsBirds we got close to in a park in Sydney March 2005Jun 13, 2005
Surgery St John_s Andrew designed April 2005.jpg
Drs Surgery Andrew designed234 viewsThe doctors surgery that Andrew designed in St John's Worcester April 2005Jun 13, 2005
Shauna Starbucks The Bull Ring April 2005.jpg
Shauna in Starbucks April 2005255 viewsShauna in Starbucks located in Borders Bookshop in Birmingham April 2005Jun 13, 2005
Pheasant in church Yard April 2005.jpg
Pheasant in Church Yard April 2005222 viewsA pheasant we watched for a while in a Church Yard in April 2005Jun 13, 2005
Opera House Sydney Mch 2005.jpg
Sydney Opera House March 2005239 viewsA view of the Sydney Opera House March 2005Jun 13, 2005
Patio at Jen_s place April 2005.jpg
Jen's patio180 viewsView of Jen & Andrew's patio with Ash and Genny dog April 2005Jun 13, 2005
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